Brand Ethos


Hard work. Success. Resilience. These words are the very foundation on which ARNOLD & BECKER are built on. It’s what drives us to create brilliant watches that support your high-class ventures and what continually inspires us to expand our lifestyle product lines into new areas.

As a premier online watch brand, we’re focused on providing our customers with precision quality that’s not only stylish and comfortable but gives you the confidence needed to be at your best no matter what obstacles lie ahead. 

That’s because we want you to feel ready to take on new experiences and appreciate life’s little moments while having the right support to get you there. In fact, our watches are carefully designed around strength to help you feel empowered; precision to give you more control over every moment; and luxury to make each step more appealing.

Here at ARNOLD & BECKER we’re making beautifully elegant and sporty timepieces that help you stay ahead of schedule whether you’re on that business trip, spending an evening out with friends, or taking on new entrepreneurial challenges. And we’re doing it by setting the standard for what a watch is truly supposed to be.

ARNOLD & BECKER is about living life to its fullest without having to sacrifice quality, style, or long-term reliability. That’s why you won’t find a more beautiful, precise timepiece or more responsive customer service than right here. We care about each piece and each customer, which is why we’re the absolute best at what we do.

Above all, we’re focused on helping you achieve success and reach the highest levels of your potential while staying ahead of schedule and always looking your best. You deserve to rise through the ranks, get that next promotion and represent your professionalism with true style. 

When you’re looking for a watch that represents the hard work you put in and the type of resilience you embody, nothing beats the designer look, strength, and classic style of a beautiful ARNOLD & BECKER watch. Show the world that the tough times will never hold you back from your goals and that you’ll conquer them with style and confidence.